Ultrasound Examination | Dr. Hakan Özörnek

Ultrasound Examination

One of the essential stages in the initial consultation is particularly the application of a vaginal ultrasound on the third day of the menstrual cycle. Vaginal ultrasound, preferred for providing a much higher-quality image compared to abdominal ultrasound, is entirely harmless and typically lasts approximately 10 minutes. The primary purpose of the basal ultrasound is to evaluate the declining ovarian capacity in women, especially related to age. Ovarian capacity is the most crucial and effective parameter in the treatment plan for patients.

On days 3-5 of the menstrual cycle, the observations during transvaginal ultrasonography include the following:

Appearance, dimensions, and thickness of the uterine lining: This procedure examines whether there are any anomalies in the appearance of the uterus (such as a double uterus, polyps, adhesions inside the uterus, fibroids, or a curtain-like structure).

Evaluation of the fallopian tubes: Any dilation (hydrosalpinx) and damage to the fallopian tubes are assessed.

Assessment of the ovaries: The structure, size, number of antral follicles, relationship with the uterus, presence of cysts, and ovarian capacity are evaluated. The number of antral follicles (follicles with a diameter between 2-5 mm) determines ovarian capacity. Attention is also given to other possible cysts within the ovaries while determining ovarian capacity.

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