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Personalized Treatment

As infertility rates globally continue to rise, the number of patients seeking in vitro fertilization (IVF) is steadily increasing. Infertility can have various causes, and these causes often possess individualized characteristics specific to each patient's condition. The distinct features of each prospective parent, coupled with the reproductive health status of each couple, essentially influence every aspect of the treatment process that may contribute to infertility.

Adhering to the principle that without asking the right questions, one cannot obtain the right answers, it is crucial for each couple or individual to recognize that the causes of infertility and the factors affecting them are unique. Identifying the problem is the first step.

After conducting a comprehensive assessment of the reproductive health of the prospective parents, all factors hindering the achievement of parenthood are listed. The success rate of a treatment plan tailored to the unique features and issues of each prospective parent is undoubtedly much higher than that of a treatment applying standard procedures.

Importance of Personalized Treatment

An approach to treatment that is tailored to the patient and the couple as a whole not only exceeds the world average success rate but also enables families to embrace the baby of their dreams and become parents. Patients may request the application of a treatment that has been successful for another prospective parent or ask for the same medication used by someone else. Here, the crucial responsibility lies with specialists in the field of IVF to explain to prospective parents that each woman has a different ovarian reserve and quality, and women vary in numerous aspects, including the immune system.

Effective communication between the doctor and the patient, as well as the trust relationship between the IVF center and the prospective parents, plays a significant role in this context.

One of the factors affecting the success of IVF is the patient feeling secure and being aware of what they are experiencing during this delicate process.

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