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Sperm Test (Semen Analysis)

The sperm test, known as semen analysis, is the easiest and most crucial among the tests used in diagnosing male infertility. When conducted accurately, a semen analysis is essential for understanding the potential course of treatment.

Based on our experiences to date, we have observed low motility in samples brought from outside. Therefore, to obtain accurate results, we request our patients to provide their samples in specially prepared rooms at our clinic. In order for the semen analysis test to yield accurate and reliable results, patients should observe a sexual abstinence period of 2-7 days before providing the sample.

Normal Values for Semen Analysis (World Health Organization 2021)

Count: At least 16 million/ml

Motility: Total motility at least 42%, Progressive motility at least 30%

Morphology: At least 4% normal

Only a sperm with a normal shape can fertilize an egg, indicating that at least 4% of the sperm in the test should have a normal shape. If the result falls below the 4% threshold, microinjection (ICSI) is recommended.

We encourage all men aspiring to become fathers in the future to promptly undergo semen analysis tests!

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