How is Pregnancy Test Done? | Dr. Hakan Özörnek

How is Pregnancy Test Done?

In the process from embryo transfer to pregnancy testing in IVF treatment, the days leading up to it are eagerly awaited and filled with anticipation for the prospective mother. The cells belonging to the embryo implanted in the uterus start secreting a hormone called beta-HCG. It takes 12 days for this hormone to reach measurable levels in the mother's blood. The most accurate time to perform a pregnancy test to diagnose pregnancy is around the 12th day after the transfer procedure when the increase in the measured hormone level becomes detectable. After implantation, when the embryo attaches, the Beta HCG hormone in the blood begins to increase, and the pregnancy result is determined by a blood-based pregnancy test on the 12th day.

Fasting is not necessary for this test. Patients who cannot come to our clinic for the pregnancy test can have the test done at any biochemistry laboratory in their location.

For patients with a positive pregnancy test result, we schedule an ultrasound examination to detect the gestational sac 10 days later. Patients who are located outside the city or travel abroad can undergo these check-ups at their local facilities.

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